Never Been Drunk!!

Since the show one of the main questions people ask me is “do you really not drink?” “Is it a religious reason?” And I can honestly tell you.. I have never touched a single drop of alcohol EVER!! I have never been drunk… It’s not a religious reason or because I enjoy watching paint dry instead, It’s simply a choice I’ve chosen.. “What you’ve never had you’ll never miss”

Can someone please tell me what its really like to be drunk without me having to touch a single droplet?



  1. It’s abit like when you have got a massive migraine or when the doctors put you to sleep for a minor op, abit dizzy and out of control. Your not missing anything Will, I hardly drink myself, don’t see any point. On a serious note, I think it’s a respectable choice you have made and nothing to be ashamed of at all! Ps: I loved you on first dates, so handsome too ☺️

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